Hawkstone Lager Review: Can Clarkson Actually Brew?

My review of Hawkstone Lager, the latest release from Jeremy Clarkson's farm. How does it taste and is it worth your money?


Mat Stuckey

9/4/20233 min read

You can by Hawkstone on Amazon Prime using the button below.

After a long week, there's nothing better than unwinding with a cold beer. And this weekend, I decided to try something new - the Hawkstone Premium Lager.

I recently finished the latest season of Clarkson’s Farm and thought why not check out his beer. The description promised a 'crisp lager from the Cotswolds, hard to make, easy to drink'. Sold.

I ordered a case of 12 x 330ml bottles for £35.00, more than your average lager but reasonable given the reviews.

The Taste

The much-anticipated arrival of the Hawkstone lager on a serene Saturday afternoon was like a cue for celebration. With a sense of eagerness, I cracked open the pristine bottle, allowing the ambient sunlight to dance on the liquid gold that awaited inside.

The initial greeting was an inviting aroma, mingling with hints of citrus and a whisper of fresh barley, reminiscent yet distinct from the subtle scent of a traditional premium lager.

The first sip was a pleasant surprise, a crisp and clean encounter, with the citrus notes playing a gentle tune, akin to the mild zest one might find in a Stella Artois, yet with a unique signature.

The full body of the Hawkstone lager painted a smooth texture across the palate, making each sip a narrative of its character, a refreshing departure from the norm.

With a 4.8% alcohol content, it carried a nice kick, a gentle nudge rather than a bold statement, making it very drinkable.

Its vegan-friendly badge is a thoughtful touch, extending its invitation to a wide audience, embodying inclusivity in every drop. Very unlike Mr Clarkson!

The Experience

As I nestled into the comfort of my armchair, the Hawkstone lager in hand was more than just a drink; it was a companion to the calmness of the afternoon.

Each sip was a medley of refreshing notes, a balanced act of malty backbone, light citrus whispers, and a subtle bitterness that added a layer of complexity to the tale. The experience was a delightful homage to the traditional essence of a lager, yet with a contemporary touch that set it apart.

The head retention was admirable, forming a creamy crown that lingered, much like the gentle caress of a breeze. The mouthfeel was smooth, creamy, a textural symphony that was easy on the palate. The lager gave a fluent dialogue, easy drinking without being watery, a characteristic that often sets a premium lager apart from the rest.

The aesthetics of the Hawkstone lager were as pleasing as its taste. The classy bottle, adorned with a minimalist label, spoke of elegance, while the sturdy packaging ensured that the beer arrived in perfect condition, preserving its essence from the brewery to the glass.

As the afternoon sun cast long shadows, the Hawkstone lager was not just a drink, but a gentle reminder of the simple yet profound pleasures that a well-brewed lager can offer.

The Backstory of Hawkstone

Hawkstone Lager clearly benefits from Jeremy Clarkson's fame and marketing savvy. However, watching Clarkson's Farm shows his genuine passion for the product.

The barley is grown right on Diddly Squat Farm in the harsh Cotswold soil. And the 'master brewer' is surely more adept at brewing than Clarkson is at ploughing!

While Clarkson himself doesn't feature on the label, the lager's quality reflects the hard work put in at his farm. His witty social media promotion also helps boost interest.

Hawkstone Lager: The Verdict

Hawkstone Premium Lager surprised me. It's a great choice for those looking for something new and different.

The unique, flavourful taste shows the care that went into brewing this beer. The malt and Cotswold-grown barley give it a delightful terroir.

At £3 per bottle with delivery, Hawkstone Lager is pricier than supermarkets. But paying a little extra to support local businesses and British farmers seems worthwhile.

As Clarkson's Farm showed, the UK's agriculture industry needs help. And this lager delivers on taste while benefiting a good cause.

Hawkstone Premium Lager combines quality, flavour, and an enjoyable backstory. I'm happy to raise a glass to that!

Whether you like craft beers or quality lagers, I recommend trying this one.

My Rating: 9/10

The higher price is justified by the taste and quality. Overall an excellent lager I would happily drink again.

You can by Hawkstone on Amazon Prime using the button below.